SIQ – Natural Language Search Engine

This project was born at Ad & Win with the aim of radicaly improving the user experience while using services that contain very diverse content. How ?

We have created a tool that allows users to find whatever they are looking for, accurately, by simply writing a sentence in their natural language.

In a single step from the end user, SIQ executes hundreds of operations in order to find and refine the appropriate results. It will then order every result by their specific relevance.

Why should you have to click 10 or more times or go through various pages when you can simply type a sentence to get to where you want?

With this approach, we ensure our users patience is used where it needs to, deciding which product, service or file are they going to get. System wise, we save our servers expensive resources which are spent doing hundreds of page loads and database accesses that are not required with this single step search. This available resources can be allocated elsewhere or help you scale.

When does this solution add value to your online asset?

  • Your service has a lot of diverse content like products, services or files.
  • Your users have to go through a series of steps and pages to get to the content they are looking for.

SIQ Main Features…

  • Works with pretty much every variable on your database, and every search function, such as:
    • Username
    • Location
    • Name
    • Features
    • Categories
    • Sub-Categories
    • Price and/or Ranges
    • Assortment
    • And much more!
  • Presents similar queries using AJAX (as the user is typing)
  • Learns new terminology in a semi-automatic fashion, which allows the system to daily improve results quality.
  • Generates search reports which can identify specific market trends and / or content quality.

Here is an e-commerce example which can fit several variables:

” used iPhone X 64Gb until 500€ in Madrid”

Do you wish to improve the user experience in your online assets? Please request a service demonstration by contacting our team.

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