Technology Classifieds Marketplace Development

This is an innovative project which aims to be a reference in the online tech trading sector. This platform allows end customers to advertise and sell their unused or old tech, search for used and new products and buy directly online, or by hand. It also has special spaces and tools for professional users to easily advertise their product catalog and repair & maintenance services.

This is a complex project which offers end customers the hability to:

  • Advertise their unused tech products.
  • Highlight ads in crucial spots using automatic payment methods.
  • Order products that are still not listed specifically. As soon as a seller lists the product they are automatically notified.
  • Buy their wanted product directly online. (availble for professional sellers with a fully functional online store)
  • And much more!

The professional users are also covered with important features such as:

  • The hability to automatically load and / or update their product catalog at the marketplace.
  • Specific Excel formed files that allow users who do not have a functional online store to easily manage and advertise their stock.
  • Advertise repair and maintenance services.

In the admin area there are essencial tools for content and user management, such as:

  • A tool that automatically catalogs products that are brought in via XML or CSV product feeds.
  • Advertising spot management.
  • Professional users advertising plans management.
  • Edition and management of static pages design and content.

This plataform is coupled with several services that improve user experience and automate the criation and edition of advertising campaigns. Know them deeply here:

Explore this project here. (only available in Portuguese)

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