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About Us

Ad & Win is a Portuguese based Premium Advertising Company which constantly seeks to transform digital advertising for web, mobile and social platforms. At Ad&Win, we believe in taking personal aproach with each of our partners and help them grow within their business every step of the way.

Attract more customers and service users

Looking to get the phone ringing? Increase website visitors? Grow online sales? We're here to help.

Advertise locally or globally at the right time

We Target your ads to users Where / When they best engage with what you have to offer. Ad&Win only surrounds it's Advertisers with the most reliable Ad Networks.
Pro Team in Facebook,Instagram and Google Ads ready to Help.

Permanent FeedBack with a 24/7 Dedicated Team

Dedicated Account Managers assure Advertisers are constanly updated on market trends so that they can focus on their product.

Your Problem is Our Problem & Has a Solution

We like to be challenged with new and complex problems. Try us!

Our Services

Win - Win solutions for our advertisers


We connect brands with their target audience at the moments that matter most – increasing relevancy for both consumers and brands. We work with our customers to create and launch impactful and effective rich media campaigns to achieve brand and performance objectives.Whether it's Video, Rich Media or static banners, we know what’s best for your mobile campaign objectives.


Our mission is to supply our merchants with qualified leads. We establish unique marketplaces in order to acuratelly advertise each offer and send Informed Leads in your online store direction with unprecedent CRs.

UI/UX Systems Design&Development

You have a Navigation Problem ? You want something unique in your website? Talk to us.
You have some crazy idea in Mind? So do we ! Check our latest works.

Cross-Channel Mobile Strategies

For us Mobile comes First –a mobile device is a proxy for an individual. There is no more personal device or valuable marketing channel for a brand and we understand the nuances of the mobile consumer intimately. We work with brands to develop a mobile first approach that ensures the mobile consumer is considered across every marketing touch point and measured through data.

Mobile Media Planning & Buying

People don’t consume media in silos, which is exactly why we don’t plan in them. If a program is to be truly successful, there needs to be a shared narrative across all media. Paid, earned, owned—if they are going to work well, they need to work together. We utilise proprietary data algorithms, Programmatic buying, DSP’s and networks to plan, buy, execute, optimise and measure mobile advertising campaigns across devices. OS's, Telcos, Geographies, Personas, categories while precisely resonating to the tunes of the media plan.

Measurement, Attribution & Optimisation

Ad&Win closes the loop on engagement, sales, brand perception, and more. Acquiring customers within effective CPA’s and being able to accurately and effectively track conversions lies at the heart of our mobile acquisition campaigns. We use highly sophisticated tracking tools that continuously optimize campaigns to deliver the desired results. Our expert data analysis division works with leading technology to track downloads and post-download conversion (leads, bookings, sales etc.) which all relates back to the best performing advertising sources and creative, ensuring comprehensive campaign optimization.

Recent Works

Here are some of our favorite projects we have done lately. Feel free to check & test them out. - Tech Products Classifieds Platform

Brand, Design and Web Development

Project Link

We've projected, designed, built and implemented every tool to provide Tecmagnet's users with the Best UI/UX experience. Backoffice tools where also developed to manage Product Datafeeds recepetion and cataloging, manage professional advertisement plans, and much more!


Natural Language Search Engine

Our Query Interpretation System or "Sistema de Interpretação de Queries" (in Portuguese), was required by to provide it's users with the latest experience in product Searching. Users are allowed to search in every available variable. (Genre, Brand, Model, Features, Location, Price and much more).
At this moment this tool is only available for Portuguese Language Online Stores.

AdWords Dynamic Campaign Generator

Google Ads Advertisement Tool

In order to Target the right User at the right time, you need the right Ad. In search Page advertisement you can trust Google Dynamic Ads (which we don't recommend) or do them yourself. How do you do when you have thousands of products, KW's and Variations? That's where our tool Shines, creating several variations for each one of your products, with relevant KW's and Modified Terms.
Average Reduction in CPC of 30%

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